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Welsh app for meditation

• 14th May, 2018 •

If you are looking for guided meditations in the Welsh language, a new app ‘Ap Cwtsh’ may be exactly what you need. The app was launched in April 2018 and is free to download and introduces users to simple meditation techniques. To find out more visit the Ap Cwtsh website with links for downloading the app, or read an article in English and in Welsh by Laura Karadog on


First Aid for Backs: Legs on Chair Pose

• 29th Jul, 2017 •

When you first notice a twinge or discomfort in your lower back, or you are having some pain down the back of the legs, you can relieve the pain by lying on the floor with your legs on a chair for about 10 minutes.

Place the chair so the lower legs are supported comfortably on the seat and the thighs are slightly slanted. Then lie down on the floor with a cushion under the head...


Child's pose to calm the mind and body

• 8th Jun, 2017 •

If you feel stressed, over-worked and that there's too much going on, yoga poses can help relieve the tension and stress. Child's pose (balasana) can be very calming, and because the head rests on the floor or chair, it feels more soothing for the busy brain. All you have to do in this posture is breathe.

To begin, kneel on the floor and either fold your upper body over your bent legs. Depending on how flexible...


A simple breathing practice - counting

• 31st May, 2017 •

If you are new to pranayama (breath control), a very accessible practice is to become aware of your own natural breathing rhythm through focused listening and counting.

Sit or lie comfortably and begin by placing your hands on your belly and rib cage to find where the movement is. Spend some time just being aware of the movement: where it’s happening, the speed and quality of the breath, any natural pauses etc. Then you can add...